What Fluids Does my Intimidator UTV Take?

Your definitive answer to all fluid related questions regarding Mahindra & Intimidator UTVs

Engine oil

TGB 1000cc Gas
Intimidator 800cc Gas
Kohler 750cc Gas
Capacity - Two(2) Quarts
Our picks: Amsoil 10w-40 100% Synthetic or Maxima 10w-40 SynBlend


Kohler 1000cc Diesel
Capacity - Three(3) Quarts 
Our Pick: Amsoil 5w-40 Heavy Duty Synthetic


Transmission Fluid

TGB 1000cc
Includes GC1K and Retriever Models
Capacity - One(1) Quart
Our Pick: Maxima 75w-140 High Performance Synthetic


Team Transmissions
Includes Electric, Diesel, and 750cc Models
Capacity - One(1) Quart
Our Pick: Maxima Premium Transmission Oil


Differential Fluid

These specs include all Intimidator/Mahindra Models

Front Differential
Capacity - 6.5oz
Our Pick: Maxima Front Drive Synthetic Oil
Rear Differential 
Capacity - 16oz
Our Pick: Maxima 80w-90

Engine Coolant

Amsoil heavy duty coolant is recommened for use in all Intimidator models
Fluid info

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jimmy  johnson

jimmy johnson

where is oil level dipstick on my intimidator . where under the seat is it? thanks

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