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Common and Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the correct operating tempurature?

A: Intimidators will reach temps close to 200 degrees during operation. The cooling fan will engage at 196 degrees which cools the engine to apporximetly 185 degrees.

Q: Why is there sometimes a clunk noise when I take off?

A: The clunk noise you heard is 100% normal. This is caused by the slight amount of slop in the transmission and differentials, without the slop you would not be able to shift between gears. The noise is most commonly heard when shifting from foward to reverse.

Q: What is that high pitch whining noise while cruising at higher rpms?

A: The high pitch noise you are hearing at higher rpms is a common noise of straight gears in the transmission and CVT/Belt noise. This is 100% normal and can be found in other brand UTVs as well. Straight cut gears are noiser than helical cut gears but provide superior strength.

Q: Why does my 750cc, Electric or Diesel model make a grinding noise in reverse?

A: The grinding noise is caused the transmission not being fully engaged in gear. The noise is most commonly heard while trying to accelerate after shifting to reverse. This is because the reverse gear has the widest gate of all the gears making it the easiet to grind. 

Q: When do I use high or low range?

A: High range should be used if your average speed is going to be above 10mph and is exceptional light work loads (less than 300lbs). Low range should be used if your average speed is going to be under 10mph and for heavy work loads. Remeber to always come to a complete stop before shifting the transmission.

Q: How often should I change my engine oil?

A: On all Intimidator models the engine oil should be changed every 1000 miles, 100 hours, or once a year, whichever comes first. See our post about fluid capacitys and oil type suggestions here.

Q: Why wont my machine exceed 15mph and is making a high pitch noise?

A: All Initimidator models come equipped with a seat belt sensor. If the drivers seatbelt is not clipped in the UTV will make a high pitched noise and will not exceed 15mph.

Q: What is the correct tire pressure?

A: Almost all UTV tires should be inflated to pressures between 10psi and 20psi.

Q: Why does my GC1K model stall when shifting between gears?

A: On select GC1K models the engine will stall while shifting gears if the foot brake is not applied. This is most commonly found on the 2021 models. Intimidator programmed this feature into the ECU to stop users from shifting while the UTV is moving. Remeber to always shift your Intimidator at a complete stop.





Have a 2021 g1ck stage 2. Only 250 miles on it. It is super loud and vibrations are terrible been this way from day 1. Smells like a belt burning from time to time. It’s never been over 40 mph and never hard runs no steep hills just around the land and up and down the driveway.
What can be done?

Woody adams

Woody adams

Warning buzzer keeps sounding for fan ?
For intimidator 800



I have a 2021 GC1K and when it warms up and you drive it about 6-8 miles around 45mph it wants to start cutting out. You can stop and take off again and when you push the pedal about 3/4 down it acts like it is cutting out like maybe a fuel filter or something. I took it to the shop and they couldn’t get it to do it but as soon as I rode it up the road and came back it was doing it again
Any suggestions on what to do? Thanks

Brandon McIntosh

Brandon McIntosh

My display and headlight aren’t working from what I can tell all the fuses are good! It’s a 2019 GC1k

Bob. Kimmel

Bob. Kimmel

Why does my g1ck 2021 start hand sometimes? Sometimes it starts right up, and sometimes it rolls over several times to start. Thx

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